Mount Jezreel Baptist Church

140 Years of Building Mature Disciples for the Kingdom


Loving, Caring, Sharing


To “Sponsor A Child/Adopt An Elder”


Through loving, caring and    sharing, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate, with specific focus on the needs of the children and the low-income elderly in the community.  We endeavor to exhibit a willingness and desire to provide assistance, give encouragement, to comfort, teach and demonstrate by our Christ-like association and actions that we truly care and are concerned about their well being.


On January 12, 1986, LOCASHA held its first meeting.  The name LOCASHA is derived from the  words: Loving, Caring, Sharing.  Our ministry was formed as a  result of Rev. Trammell’s  challenge to the members of Mt. Jezreel to do the “work of the church” and partake of the “piece of the pie.”


Adopt an Elder

We have adopted the residents at the Seabury at Home First, one of the homes operated by Christian Communities Group Homes Inc.  This family-style group home has supportive services for low-income elderly.  On a monthly basis, we fellowship with the 7-10 residents.  Our activities include: reading and studying the Bible, singing hymns, having picnics, playing bingo, attending plays and movies, participating in holiday activities in any given month, preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas luncheons, and giving Christmas and birthday gifts.

Sponsor a Child

We mentor misplaced families on a monthly basis.  Prior to its closing, we visited D.C. Village to tutor and/or play games and do other activities with the children. 

We are presently in search of another  children’s facility in need of  our services.






Graduation Assistance Program

Every year we sponsor two students graduating from junior high and/or high school who are in need of monetary assistance to pay student fees, and/or assistance with purchasing clothes for graduation (when necessary, we have also taken the students  shopping).  These students are selected from various schools and from the Mt. Jezreel church family.


Mt. Jezreel’s Scholarship Fund

Yearly Contribution.


Easter Basket Activity

We color/decorate eggs with the elderly, and prepare baskets and deliver them to children as identified by the group or to the children of the Mt. Jezreel church family.


We provide assistance as needed  in church-sponsored activities and conferences.




     Feed the Homeless

      (this activity now falls under

        the umbrella of COP)


Visited and rendered services to various facilities such as:


D.C. Village


Washington Center for

Aging Services

Fedora House



Sponsored “The Choice is Yours,” a play to bring about spiritual awareness of the problems of teenage pregnancy.  The inspiring drama-comedy was written and directed by Mrs. Ava Duckett, with members of  LOCASHA and the Mt. Jezreel family as actors and actresses.


Sponsored “Behavior at Church, Home and the Community,” an all-day workshop for the youth of Mt. Jezreel and the community.      Presentations were given by organizations addressing topics on drugs, behavior, hygiene, sex, job interviews, etc.