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Classes offered this session, with instructors, are as follows:


Tuesday Classes

September 23 – December 9, 2014

†dfree: Introduction to the Basic Aspects of Managing Life & Handling Money

Course Description: dfree® is a strategy for people to learn how to manage their lives by managing their finances.  dfree® is not just another literacy program.  This movement is based on a belief that living in debt is an emotional, psychological, and spiritual problem as much as it is an educational and informational one.  dfree® addresses the behavioral and attitudinal keys to debt-free living.  The course will allow for one to gain a clear understanding of his or her current financial status and work towards achieving the basic aspects of managing life and handling money according to biblical principles.

Textbook: dfree: Breaking Free from Financial Slavery by DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

Instructors: Brother Michael and Sister Barbara Glasby


 † Doctrine of Salvation

Course Description:  What does it mean to be saved?  How do I know I am saved?  What am I saved from?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  If yes, then this course is for you.  This is a basic course to help new members understand their role as an active disciple in the Body of Christ and also for more seasoned Christians who desire a refresher course in the foundation of Christianity.

Textbooks:  The Holy Bible; Journey into Discipleship by Tommy Higle                                         

Instructor: Deacon Robert Barnard


 † Experiencing God through Prayer

Course Description:  Would you like to strengthen your personal prayer time with God?  You can have an exciting relationship with God.  One of intimate communion with Jesus Christ! Students will learn biblical guidelines for effective, vital communication with God. Discover some of the essential keys to developing a vibrant prayer life.

Textbooks: The Holy Bible and The Power of a Praying Church by Stormie Omartian

Instructor:  Rev. Pertina Scott


† A Closer Walk with God

Course Description:  Whether you are a long time believer or a new believer in the faith, one of your fervent desires may be to have a closer walk and relationship with God in your daily life.  This 12-week course will show you a specific process for developing and nourishing a closer walk with God, as well as reiterate the importance of studying God’s Word.

Textbooks:  The Holy Bible  and Ten Steps to a Closer Walk with God by David Shower

Instructors:  Rev. Dwight Marable and Rev. French Bryant


† The Life of Christ:  Gospel Harmony

Course Description:  In this course, the four Gospels will be taught as a harmony.  We will explore the life of Christ by viewing his life from the perspective of the four different Gospel writers in chronological order, by event.  We will study the events in the life of Jesus from His birth to His death and resurrection with special attention paid to the Miracles of Christ. 

Textbook:  The Holy Bible

Instructor:  Rev. LaWanda Kamalidiin


† Adventuring Through Paul’s Epistles

Course Description:  This course will engage students in a survey of the books of Romans through Philemon.  Students will reflect on their lives in relationship to the rest of the Body of Christ.

Textbook:  The Holy Bible and Adventuring through Paul's Epistles by Ray Stedman,

Instructor:  Dr. Louvenia Richards


† The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Course Description:  This course is a study that will explore the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit as identified in 1 Corinthians 12.  An essential part of serving God is an understanding of the gifts, where they come from and how they operate.   Understanding that spiritual gifts develop maturity prepare imperfect Christian believers for the perfect work of the church.

Textbook:  A Study Bible

Instructor:  Deacon Karen Hines and Min. Patricia Williamson


† Temple Restoration and Maintenance God’s Way

Course Description:  In spite of all the best efforts of modern medicine AND in spite of “By His Stripes” many believers still are not whole (healed). There is no drug, operation, fad diet or pill to defeat fear, sorrow, envy, resentment and hatred – a few of the stresses plaguing us today that manifest into sickness. The demonic spirits that “stressed” the Israelites centuries ago, producing leprosy, blindness, deafness, dumbness, paralysis, gluttony, slothfulness, drunkenness, sexual immorality, etc. today are disguised as “the enemy” with stress manifesting disease and sickness into the likes of arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, insanity, alcoholism, sexual addiction, infidelity, etc. to name a few. If God guaranteed the Israelites a healthy temple, joy and peace of mind if they followed His Word, and it remains true for today’s believers. This course will address spiritual as well as practical lifestyle habits to 1) resist temptation, 2) restore the Temple and 3) maintain the Temple.

Textbook:  The Holy Bible, Fitness ABC’s by Dr. Dallas and Temple Restoration by Dr. Dallas

Instructor:  Dr. Renette Dallas

 † Marriage Preparation

Course Description: The Marriage Preparation Class is for engaged couples or those couples contemplating engagement. The class is MANDATORY for all couples planning to be married at Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church. The fee for the class is $50 for members and $100 for non-members, which covers all course materials and assessment tools.

Instructors: Rev. Kevin and Sis. Sandy Fennell


Tuesday Youth classes

September 23, 2014 – December 9, 2014

Youth (Ages 3-10)

† Great Men and Women in the Old Testament

Course Description:  In this course, children will learn about the various men and women in the Old Testament, their call from God and what they accomplished for God through their calling.  Their background will also be discussed to show that God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Instructors:  Sister Kim Matthews and Trustee Jocelyn Moses


Youth (Ages 11-18)

† The Hunger Games: Tribulation, Perseverance, Character & Hope

This study will examine how evil tries to win us over; how sin corrupts what is good; the connections between justice, mercy, and influence; how the enemy wants to tear people apart; and how to recognize your allies.  The students will learn that hope in God conquers all.

Instructor:  Min. Khalida Burton

Wednesdays class

September 24, 2014 – December 10, 2014


† How Mature Disciples Deal With Adversity

Course Description: This course is based on the book, The Blessing of Adversity, by Dr. Barry Black.  We will look at ways a mature disciples can live through adversity without falling apart.  Dr. Black even discusses how mature disciples can “celebrate” in the midst of adversity.  The class objectives include equipping, empowering, and encouraging disciples to embrace adversity as a tool for God’s development of the mature disciple.  It is also our aim to build mature disciples, who in the face of adversity, never lose hope.

Textbooks: The Blessing of Adversity by Dr. Barry Black; Miracles of God: The Mount Jezreel Experience; and The Holy Bible.

Instructor:  Rev. Eldridge Spearman


Saturday class

September 27, 2014 – December 13, 2014


Introduction to the New Testament

Course Description:  Through this survey course, participants will build a framework for understanding and interpreting the New Testament, gain an understanding of the biblical background needed for a lifetime of meaningful Bible study; and respond to God as He speaks to you through His Word.  This course will cover Matthew – 2 Corinthians.

Textbooks:  The Holy Bible; Journey of a Lifetime by Tommy Higle 

Instructor:  Deacon Alfreda White