Credit/Audit Policy

Classes taught at the Bible Institute can be taken for credit (to be used toward graduation) or audit (not for credit or graduation).

Students shall attend 80% of all classes to receive credit for the course taken.  Special approval may be provided to miss more classes by the instructor(s) prior to absences.  If not approved in advance, students who miss more classes will not receive credit.  These students may switch from taking the class for credit to audit.  Courses audited can be repeated to obtain credit.

Students who do not wish to take classes for credit, may audit them by checking the box marked “Audit.”  If this box is not checked, it will be assumed that the student is taking the class for credit.  These students auditing classes are, however, still required to complete a registration form and pay the registration fee(s).

Please Note: Students arriving to class late by 15 minutes or more are considered absent.


The Institute uses a two-letter prefix to identify the subject area and the three-digit number to identify courses according to the following system: 

BE Biblical Exposition HI History PE Physical Education
BM Business Management MA Math ST Special Topics
CH Children (6-10) MI Missions TH Theology
CS Corel Application (Computer) MP Marriage Preparation TN Teen Classes
EC Early Childhood MS Microsoft UR Urban Ministries
EM Educational Ministry MU Music    
FS Foundational Studies OR Orientation    

100         Basic Classes 1 Credit
200         Intermediate Classes 2 Credits
300         Advanced Classes 3 Credits
900         Special Topics/Electives 1-2 Credits


To be eligible for graduation from the Koinonia Bible Institute one must meet the following requirements:

3 basic courses (100 level courses) which are 1 credit each

2 intermediate courses (200 level courses) which are 2 credits each

1 advanced topic credit (300 level course) 3 credits each

2 special topic credits (100 level courses or special topic classes, i.e., orientation)

Basic Credits            3 classes x 1 credit      =     3 credits

Intermediate Credits   2 classes x 2 credits    =     4 credits

Advanced Credits       1 class x 3 credits       =     3 credits

*Special Topics          2 classes x 1 credit     =     2 credits

             Total 12 credits

Special topic classes are those classes taught over the summer and/or holidays. Most of these classes are less than 12 weeks. The orientation class is a special topic class that is equivalent to one credit. Students may also take a two-credit class to fulfill their special topics credits.

Please note: Discipleship, Survey of the Old Testament, and Survey of the New Testament are mandatory classes for graduation.