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Mount Jezreel Baptist Church

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Mount Jezreel Baptist Church Funeral Guidelines

In the time of death we rejoice in God’s promise of ever-lasting life through our savior Jesus Christ.  The Mount Jezreel Baptist Church provides the facilities and support in time of loss within a Christian environment.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide pastoral services, counseling, worship and assistance at such a time.



The sanctuary, chapel, fellowship hall and kitchen facilities are available to meet your specific needs.


Senior Pastor Performs All Services

All funeral/memorial services are performed by the Senior Pastor, ordained clergy, or licensed minister as designated by the Senior Pastor in order to insure the integrity of the service.  If the family desires another ordained clergy person to assist, the Senior Pastor is advised.  Although we will strive to meet the desires of the family, the Senior Pastor retains final say on the order of the service and who is responsible for assisting and leading the ceremony.


Pastoral Counseling

The Senior Pastor or a designee from the pastoral staff is available for grief and spiritual counseling.



The Lay Pastor for Music and Fine Arts (Minister of Music) is expected to play for all funerals/memorial services unless otherwise designates another musician.  The family may also involve other musicians or recorded music.  The Minister of Music has the final say on all music.


Flowers and Mementoes 

Flowers may be placed in the sanctuary or chapel prior to services.  We asked that they

not be placed in a manner that might pose a safety hazard.  The family’s personal

mementoes are permitted as long as they are dignified and do not hinder the reverence of

the ceremony.  All personal items and flowers should be removed from the church as soon as possible following the ceremony.


Reception Facilities 

The fellowship hall and kitchen facilities are available to the family to meet their specific

needs for a repast.  All food must be prepared by licensed and certified Culinary Arts Ministry staff.  This is in keeping with the safe food regulations that prohibit bringing food into the church.


Thank you for entrusting us with the services, care, and spiritual homegoing of your loved ones.

We will continue to pray for you and your family.  If you are not yet members of this body of believers called Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, please feel free to join us on a permanent basis.


Call us if you need help. Our doors are always open to you, and if you need further

pastoral care please contact our minister.


Peace and Many Blessings.